Virus and Spyware removal service


My computer is infected with Spyware / Virus !

Internet is a great tool but brings along, very high risk of computer virus infections.

Most computer software problems nowadays are connected with Viruses, Spyware, Trojans and Malware.

Our engineers are trained to remove any computer virus infection without erasing your data or formatting your computer. We can optimize your system and install a free computer antivirus software so that it minimizes risks of future infections.

Why would I suspect that my computer is infected by a virus?

When your computer is infected by virus or spyware you may experience the following symptoms :

  • You observe that your system is very slow and does not respond some times
  • Programs or applications are executed during start up that you have never installed
  • When you receive an email attachment and open it, you see weird window pop ups
  • You have found email attachments with an extension such as .exe?
  • Your antivirus program has stopped working, without any action from you
  • You try to install a new antivirus but it stops responding or you never manage to finish the installation
  • You get virus messages that you have a computer virus in your system.
  • Pop-ups and ads appear and you cannot stop them
  • You seen new icons on your Desktop that you have never installed
  • Windows cannot boot
  • Your operating system restarts all the time
  • You get a window pop-up that indicates that some system files are missing
  • Your computer stops responding when the Desktop icons appear
  • You get out of memory errors
  • You cannot install new software / applications
  • Some applications stop responding
  • You observe very high outbound or inbound traffic with your internet connection
  • Cannot connect to the Internet

The upper points are just possible symptoms that your system has a virus infection. Our computer engineer using Remote Assistance Service may connect to your computer and diagnose your computer’s state.

Computer virus infection removal is a task that needs experience in order to prevent further damage to the infected computer. You can never predict how much time it’s going to take for a computer virus to be removed. A simple virus can be removed in less than an hour but for a nasty and dangerous virus to be removed it might take hours.

Our technician will remove all viruses from your system and ensure that it is absolutely clean when he disconnects. Also he will install a fresh copy of a freeware antivirus so that it keeps your computer as protected as possible and minimize the risk of future spyware infections.

You will have to listen carefully the advice our computer technician will provide you in order to minimize the risks of potential future virus infection.

firewallNo antivirus application can guarantee to you total protection from computer Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Keylogers, Malware, etc. Computer viruses along with your careful internet browsing may significantly minimize the risk. Some applications such as DC++, Mikro Torrent, Azureous, Limeware, eMule, PirateBay etc are high risk applications that can maximize security risks from the files downloaded through them.

Many Computer Virus Infections can be removed by using our Remote Assistance Service.

Alternatively you will need to visit out workshop


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