Laptop Overheating and Laptop Fan Repair

Laptop Overheating and Laptop Fan Repair


These are all the symptoms of a laptop overheating problem that occur due to faulty cooling system or problems in the laptop cooling fan.

Problems with laptop overheating

The hardware of the laptop are very condensed inside its case. Manufacturers try to fit more and more parts inside a very small case. That’s why any cooling system malfunction cause very high temperatures inside the laptop. Of course high temperature is only the beginning, because if a laptop has high temperatures inside it, then problems to the electronic circuits occur.

How can i tell if i have a laptop cooling problem :

  • Laptop turns off at random
  • Laptop fan is working all the time at high speed causing an irritating scratching sound from within the laptop
  • When you touch the laptop it burns
  • You get blue screens at random
  • Your laptop slows down when it operates for a long time

The above symptoms are just symptoms and we cannot be 100% sure that you have a laptop overheating problem, without inspecting your laptop.

How do we fix laptop overheating problems?

In our workshop we will open the laptop case and look for dust that blocks the air output. We will clean all the circuits and remove dust from cooling fans, we will check the voltage of the fan electronic circuit and then we will check the processor to see if the appropriate silicon compound has been applied to it so that it transfers heat correctly to the cooling fan.

I get a scratching noise from the fan of the laptop!

E5500fanSound coming from the laptop, it is probably the fan of the laptop itself. Sometimes it is dust that is concentrated around the cooling fan of the laptop or the laptop doesn’t get the appropriate voltage to operate correctly. We can replace the laptop cooling fan or we can inspect if there is a more serious problem with your laptop motherboard and repair it. In any case you need to bring the laptop to our workshop.

Laptop overheating or laptop cooling fan faults repair costs

The cost varies and depends on the fault we need to correct.

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