Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement


Is your laptop screen broken?laptop-cracked-screen2
Do you have problems with your laptop LCD monitor?
Do you need laptop screen replacement?
Is your laptop screen dim or has weird colours on it every time you turn it on?
We can handle laptop screen repair or replacement common faults with laptop LCD screen.
Some of the following faults, indicate that your laptop screen needs service or replacement:

  • Broken laptop screen
  • Cracked laptop screen
  • Vertical lines appear on the laptop screen
  • Horizontal lines appear on the laptop screen
  • Some parts of the screen are permanently dark or white
  • Dim screen colours

If your screen has the problems described above, it’s almost certain that you will have to replace the laptop screen. Also common laptop faults with laptop is the inverter. If the inverter electronic circuit fails to operate then you may experience the following problems :

  • The laptop screen is dim or fade from time to time and you can hardly see whats on display
  • The laptop screen is always fade
  • You hear an annoying noise from the lower part of the monitor of the laptop. Something like a short-circuit sound
  • You experience a problem with the display that doesn’t occur if you connect your laptop to external monitor

Which procedure we follow for the repair


If you approve the cost, then the technician order the part replacement needed and the process of your repair begins as soon as we have the laptop part we need.

When we complete the repair, we then keep the laptop for another 2-3 days for testing, so that we can provide the appropriate 3 Months guarantee of our service.

What is the cost of laptop monitor replacement?

The cost varies and depends on the fault and the screen we need to replace. You may check we us to see a cost estimation of common screen fault. If you are outside London UK and you want to send us your laptop, then please see the packaging instructions.

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