Laptop keyboard repair or replacement

Apple Mac keyboard

Is your laptop keyboard broken? Are the keys pulled out or smashed? Did you spilled some liquid on the laptop and now the keys stick?

Do you need laptop keyboard replacement?

There is a solution for everything.

Laptop Keyboard repair or replacement.

We can handle laptop keyboard repair or replacement. There is even the case where some keys from the laptop are missing or broken. If this is the case, then you must bring the laptop keys in the workshop. If you don’t have the keys then maybe its not cost efficient to repair your laptop keyboard. If our service repairs your keyboard then you also get 3 Months guarantee for the service. Before we make a cost estimation, we need to see your laptop.

Laptop keyboard replacement

For the laptop keyboard to be replaced, you need to bring the laptop to our workshop. Here, the technicians will carefully remove the keyboard and find its part number so they can find the appropriate replacement part. Don’t forget that everything that is been replaced in our workshop carries a 3 Months service guarantee.

The following steps are followed once we get a laptop with keyboard that is broken or non functional:

  • Primary functional check of the laptop keyboard to ensure we have a hardware problem
  • Open the laptop to remove the keyboard
  • Keyboard cleaning and circuit check
  • Order of a new keyboard if the old one is not repairable
  • Installation of the new keyboard
  • Laptop boot and keyboard check

Cost for laptop replacement

It’s hard to estimate the cost of laptop keyboard repair or replacement, as it is unstable because of various prices of the keyboard parts.

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