Data Recovery


Data Recovery from Hard Disks or other media

Do you need a hard disk repair or data recovery from a hard disk or flash disk drive? We can provide you with a professional data recovery service and get your data back from all modes of data storage.


  • disk-utility-iconI lost my files!
  • I deleted my files!
  • I erased my hard disk !
  • I formatted my hard disk drive!
  • My hard disk crashed!

 Or perhaps you just want to erase your data and permanently delete your files or erase your hard disk.

Contact us. Don’t try to recover your files alone or there is a possibility you might destroy your data irreversibly. If your data is not too valuable, you can try various data recovery software, there are even free open source ones in the market that have some possibility of recovering your files. Have in mind that if the hard drive has severe damage, then there is a high risk that using data recovery software can cause irreparable damage to your data. A word of caution, you are running a risk if you use the wrong data recovery software as your data will never be recoverable even by data recovery experts. But if your data is crucial, then do contact us.

The less you try the better the chances that we can recover your data. Try to send the hard disk as soon as possible to our labs, so that no further damage to the heads of the disk occurs. We have about 85% chance that your data will be recovered.

We handle data recovery from every medium, such as :

  • Hard disk internal & external IDE, SATA, SSD etc.
  • Tape backups, Floppy Disks, Zip Disks.
  • USB Flash Memory
  • Memory Cards: Secure Digital SD (mini SD, micro SD, SDHC, SDHC Plus), Compact Flash CF, Multimedia Card MMC, USB Memory Stick (MS, MS Pro, MS Pro DUO), Picture Card.

What are the chances that my data is recoverable

From our experience we can say that our success percentage rate is 90% of all the devices that come into our workshop. So there is a big chance that your data will be recovered.

There are some cases though that the data cannot be recovered. If the hard disks surface has been ruined, scratched, broken or affected by dust the data recovery becomes impossible..


In the local Camden area we also provide a collection and delivery service. By using our online booking form we can arrange a courier to come to your place and collect your Hard Disk.

All you have to do is follow the clear payment and packaging instructions beforehand.

How can I send you my Hard Disk Drive?

Please see shipping instructions link payment and packaging instructions .

We are unable to give a repair cost quotation without first viewing the condition of the Hard Disk.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a retail shop, we are a workshop, laptop or Apple Mac parts or accessories are not available for sale.


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