Computer Upgrades


Do you want to upgrade your computer or peripherals?

Do you need advice from a computer technician so that you can decide whether to upgrade or buy new equipment?

On site IT consultancy

Sometimes it’s better to buy new equipment than upgrading your existing infrastructure because upgrade parts are nowadays hard to find and more expensive. Our technician can come to your place and inspect your needs, diagnose the problems you may have with your equipment and propose solutions.

We can upgrade all computer parts such as :

  • Memmory (RAM) Upgrade
  • Hard Disk Upgrade
  • Optical Driver Upgrade (CD-ROM, DVD, BlueRay)
  • Proccessor Upgrade (desktop computers only)
  • Other upgrade services relevant with desktop computers (sound card, Graphics card etc)

We research the market for you

Our company does not sell computers or peripherals. We just provide our expertise in IT and our knowledge, to help you decide what’s the best solution. We come to your place, inspect your business and research the market for you for the optimal hardware and best prices.

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